8 Email Courses You Must Try

One of the best things about the internet is it an extensive resource on pretty much everything, right at your fingertips. I’m a big proponent of online or e-learning for many reasons. One is that online learning better accommodates the needs of students, including on-demand courses that better fit ever changing schedules. Another is that most online courses are free or low cost. 

However, not all online learning is the same. Courses on Alison, Udemy, and Lynda tend to be taught through videos and slide presentations and that’s probably the kind you’re most familiar with. However, email courses are a type of online learning that is growing in popularity mainly because its level of ease; lessons are delivered right to your email.  Here are some amazing free email courses worth trying this summer! 

The 7 Day Lead Gen Landing Page Course – Unbounce

I’m in the process of changing this website (to apply what I’ve learned through conversion rate optimization tips) and why not start with landing pages? Written by Oli Gardner, Co-Founder of Unbounce, you’re receiving expert advice from one of the biggest names in CRO. 

One of the biggest bonuses of the course is on the final day students get 7 free landing page templates to apply all that they’ve learned throughout the course. The course seems pretty comprehensive and includes a day on writing copy specifically for conversion. If you’re looking to find a course to improve your conversion efforts, this landing page course is must-do. 

Social Media 101 – Buffer

I shamelessly promote Buffer because they are good at what they do.  They very recently introduced a social media course via email that looks pretty interesting. Though the lessons tend towards those beginning in Social Media, since Buffer is so successful at what they do, I think it’s worthwhile to take as a refresher course. 

Just like Unbounce’s course, in the final lesson they provide a free social media marketing resource kit.  It includes a spreadsheet tracking social analytics and growth, and a list of IFTTT/Zapier recipes they use to help with marketing automation for your own marketing.  Whether you’re a beginner or need some reminders of best practices, this course seems like an excellent resource. 

Learn Responsive Web Design by Design Lab 

Though I’m not a web designer myself, I think this course could have tons of value for designers changing over to responsive design. This course is 6 days long and taught by Patrick Wong, a product designer at Lyft. 

His expertise, along with guided tutorials that culminate in exercises that apply what you’ve learned, as well as a community to connect to while you learn, makes it an excellent choice for web designers who are just starting out, or want to learn specifically about responsive design. 

Design Pitfalls by Design Hackers 

Another course geared toward designers, this one is a lengthier course at 6 weeks. Taught by David Kadavy, it teaches what makes for good web design. This course seems interesting because each lesson is framed around a design “pitfall” and how to avoid it.  

If you’ve just started doing web design, and font and colour choice and UX design are still a challenge for you, take this course. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait a month or so to enroll for this course.

Double Your Lead Flow in 30 Days – Hubspot 

Hubspot is another brand that just does things well. What I appreciate most about them is how many free resources they provide and this 4-week email course is yet another. 

This course looks to help students improve their lead generation efforts through multiple channels: email, blog, landing pages, social media platforms, and more. If you’re having trouble across the board in lead gen, it may be your best bet for some help with improving all your channels. 

The Freelancer’s Guide to Good Jobs & Great Pay – The Creative Class 

I recently took this email course after a friend recommended it to me. Having spent many, many years freelancing herself, I definitely felt more motivated to take this course based on her recommendation. I think what sets this course apart from others is it is very anecdotal. 

Each lesson revolves around a theme and usually cited an example of how instructor, Paul Jarvis, had overlooked something, or made a misstep, and how he resolved it. As a beginner freelancer, sometimes learning from what someone did wrong is even more valuable than what they did right. Rather than just listing practices tips, it’s a rare opportunity to learn from someone else’s mistakes.  

Email University: Become a Better Marketer – MailCharts 

This course seems like a unique offering. There is a lot of focus on social media marketing or lead generation generally, but less emphasis on email marketing. If you’re looking to improve your email marketing or looking to start those efforts, taking a course like this could be a good resource. 

Upon taking the course, there are some pretty good perks including access to a private Linkedin group to connect with other marketers, as well as access to a Paid Marketing course on Udemy (valued at 300$). Its focus on email marketing and access to wider communities makes MailCharts’ email course a good thing to do if you’re after more targeted learning. 

Build a Profitable Blog – Femtrepreneur  – Femtrepreneur 

Having listened into one of Mariah Coz’s webinars, I know that she’s super legit.  One of my goals is to actively freelance and monetize my own blog, so I am definitely curious about this course. 

One of the more appealing things about this course is rather than regurgitating advice you can frankly find in most tips based blog post; Mariah uses her own experience as a guide. If you’re like me and have tried those same old tips and still aren’t getting anywhere, try this 8-day course. 

You can access all of these courses by ponying up your email. As a content creator, I recognize of course that email courses are a jackpot for content marketers and bloggers. By providing useful content, and easy access through email, it is a clever way to build your email list. Have some content you think could be used towards an email course? Co-Schedule has a good guide on creating your own email course.  

Have you ever taken an email course or created one? Share your experience in the comments!