#amreading: Week Five

This week was pretty hectic for me, so unfortunately I didn't get to read as many articles as I would have liked. The biggest news from last week was that Periscope launched, and, of course, that was the talk of the town. My top picks this past week included some throwback articles, tips, and advice. 

Why Meetings Are A Waste Of Time And How To Run Them More Efficiently via Mobify

I'm pretty transparent about how much I dislike meetings. Meetings, are largely unnecessary and timeconsuming. However, they are often a necessary evil. This article has some pretty good tips for making them efficient and in turn, bearable 

12 Free Platforms (and Best Practices) to Distribute Your Visual Content via Uberflip 

Some of this is an overview, but I'd never heard of Quibb before this article. Quibb is a great platform that will help you your best content in front of the eyes of like professionals.

Twitter Launches Periscope: 5,300 Reasons Per Hour Why You Should Care via Simply Measured 

Meerkat was buzzed about notoriously at SXSW, and you know what they say: they only put you on a pedestal to kick you down. Periscope launched, and with the marketing power behind Twitter I wonder what will happen next. 

Edgee Wants to Squeeze A New Content Format Between Tweets and Blogs via The Next Web 

Edgee is the latest upstart app looking to find the gap between tweets and blogs. The app lets you add content using links, and allows you to arrange content, and categorize it. You then share your creation with friends.

Author Abhimanyu Ghoshal points to platforms that already do this. Tumblr, which he mentions, is one definitely one that comes to mind. Edgee definitely looks like it's worth keeping an eye on though. 

How Do Editors Really Feel When You Negociate Rates? via Contently 

As someone new to freelancing, it was interesting to read from the perspective of editors. It was refreshing to discover that editors do encourage writers to try to negociate rates, but recognize financial limitations and to do it with grace. 

How To Cultivate a Writing Practice When You Run Your Business via Paul Jarvis 

Even though it's early days, I'm finding it hard to keep up with writing when there are paid articles to write. However, I'm well aware how keeping a consistent blog is good for business.

The article (though in the form of a newsletter blast) gives some good tips (pre-writing will save you every time) on how to get it done, and still run your business. 

Would Moving To A Startup Leave You Fulfilled? via Linkedin Pulse 

It seems like everyone is hopping on the start-up bandwagon and while start-ups are very cool and offer relaxed work environments, they aren't for everyone. I think this article does a great job of pointing out that while they are hip, it doesn't mean no hard work is involved.