#amreading: Week Four

This was an interesting week in terms of social media marketing. Meerkat continues to be buzzed about, Microsoft killed Internet Explorer, and Google+ more or less was dissolved. Here are my must-reads from this past week. 

7 Tried-and-True Ways to Defeat Writer’s Block via Hubspot 

Sprout Social's Neil Patel penned this one, and it doesn't disappoint. Writing is really hard. Writer's block is even harder. These tips I've heard before, but I liked the emphasis on reading here, as reading something else can often jump start your own writing. 

The 4 Essential ‘P’s’ Of Your Dream Job via Careerealism 

When you're unemployed, you'll find a lot of people eager to encourage you to take any job. However, having done that before, I can tell you it causes more harm than good. Given I'm job hunting and also looking for freelance work, the article hit home, stressing the importance of the people, purpose, and potential of a given job. 

6 Creative Ways To Integrate Social Media and Email Marketing via Buffer 

Arguably one of my favourite tips based blogs this week, Buffer outlines several ways to utilize exist email contacts to integrate with social media and improve/help with retargeting ads. I'm definitely going to utilize these tips for my next campaign. 

9 Great Tools to Help You Write & Edit Blog Posts Better via Hubspot

Another gem from Hubspot, they outline some really great tips if you're looking to improve your blogs. I'm definitely in that camp, so the tools outlined here I think will only make my blogs even better. 

Busy is a Decision via Linkedin Pulse

This article by Janet M. Shlaes tackles the greatest myth of our age: being busy. I've fallen into the "busy" trap before, but as she hammers home, busy is a decision, and offers some strategies on how to be more productive, and get stuff done. 

What the “Post-Website Age” Means for Content via Linkedin Pulse 

Jamie Carracher tackles the future of content. He suggests shying away from "the Buzzfeed "viral" model," and instead encourages marketers to create valuable content. 

Engaging Social Media Images in 30 Seconds Flat: Introducing Pablo by Buffer via Buffer

One of my biggest anxieties working in social media was the design proficiency some jobs involved. Increasingly, jobs wanted social media coordinators to be highly proficient in Adobe Suite. For starters, Adobe Suite is expensive, and takes time and effort to learn. Not everyone has that kind of time, let alone money.

Enter Canva, and now Pablo. Sometimes you need a quick and dirty image for social media or your blog, and you can do that easily on Pablo. One of the benefits of both, is you don't have to download it, or be a graphic designer to use it. This blog gives you some tips on how to best utilize Pablo for images.