Important Lessons from Inbound Marketing Week

Earlier in March I had the pleasure of attending my first Inbound Marketing Week event. What is Inbound Marketing Week you ask?  Inbound Marketing Week is a global event where marketing professionals meet to share their insights on Inbound Marketing. It usually takes place at the beginning of March, and ran this year from March 2-6. So, why am I blogging about Inbound Marketing Week now? 

Part of it, is taking the time to think about the takeaways of the presentation. The other part? Frankly, iwas a busy month. I am part of a Hubspot User Group (adorably abbreviated to HUG) and they had a presentation from Kait Scott (who hilariously answers to "Great Scott") from Hubspot. The event was held at Uberflip, a start-up here in Toronto.

Her presentation was on "Trends in Inbound Marketing for 2015." Here of some of the key takeways from her presentation. 

Inbound Marketing is Still a Good Strategy For Business

Though the emphasis in marketing is moving towards big data, content is still a valuable tool for businesses. However, it must be relevant and valuable. Infographics, eBooks, and informative blog posts are all still forms of content people love and that will attract people to your business, and eventually convert. 

Personas are More Important Than Ever 

Kait reminded marketers to look closely at the people who will eventually decide whether or not to buy your product or pay for your service. Isolating the unique interests and characteristics of people will only make your marketing more targeted and effective. 

Personalization is Everything

No customer wants to feel like they're having a cookie cutter experience. People want to think brands care about them. Learning the way people want to be talked to and on their time, is one way of achieving this. Location services, and retargeting ads is another way to achieve this. 

Be Helpful

One of the things I love about Hubspot or Buffer, is how helpful their staff is, and that's something people consider crucial to good customer service. Providing useful free content such as a tips blog, or an Ebook on a topic your audience wants to learn more about can go a long way.  One day, these same people, having had some much help, may pursue paying for other services. 


Delightion (not in the dictionary -- yet) is the end goal here. From your prospects to your customers, and even your boss, you should aim to delight everyone in inbound marketing. 

One Selfie To Rule Them All

I thought it was pretty darn cool that Kait did an event selfie. Though it's been done, it added a nice sense of camaraderie and a little mischief to the event. Marketing should be fun, so I'm glad it ended on that note. 

You can see Kait's presentation here. Are these good trends marketers should follow? Give me your take in the comments.