#amreading: Week Three

This past week or so had the marketing world buzzing about Meerkat (though there has been a bit of friction from Twitter), diversity, and securing leads. Here are my favourite marketing articles from this past week (ish). 

Is Buzzfeed the Most Important Information Source in the World? via The Low-Down 

I've heard a lot of things about Buzzfeed; they employ lazy journalists, their articles are click bait-y, and they promote the lowest forms of content. Still, they also produce some of the most viral content in the world. The biggest take away from this article is that, whether we like it or not, Buzzfeed is the best at capitalizing on current events, creating explosive viral articles. 

29 Places to Get Free Stock Images to Boost Your Content Marketing via Linkedin Pulse 

A standard resource article, there were websites I knew about and already use, along with some new ones I had not yet discovered. I found the links on the nuances of Creative Commons to be really useful, especially if you're a beginner to using stock photography. 

Meerkat Is The Livestreaming App Twitter Should Have Built via TechCrunch 

Given that most marketers are using Meerkat for #sxsw, it really does seem like a missed opportunity on Twitter's part. I haven't tried Meerkat, but as the article outlines, it could transform our ideas about live-streaming and the potential for social media marketing at events. 

4 Essential Emails You Should Send to Engage New Contacts via Vertical Response 

Straightforward, and simple, these four email types are crucial in securing new contacts, particularly for E-Commerce. 

How to Actually Get Paid For What You Write via Linkedin Pulse 

As a long time writer, and fairly new freelancer, Jeff Hayden's article hit pretty close to home. He gives actionable tips, and hits the nail right on the head about the problem with Elance (and others like it) and the problems it creates for freelance writers. 

#bufferchat 3.11.15 on Images in Social Media via Buffer 

I started using Canva recently as well as new kid on the block Pablo (an outfit of Buffer) to edit and create social media/blog images, so I loved this discussion on images in social media. Check out the recap for highlights. 

Why We Removed the Word 'Hacker' From Buffer Job Descriptions via Buffer 

One of the many things I appreciate about Buffer is how timely their articles are. I'm always thinking about diversity, and recently read an article from BoomSocial, Top 30 Women In Social Media Who Are Rocking It #LikeAGirl. I scrolled endlessly through this list, only to find very few women of colour.

Needless to say it was a disappointment. I was heartened to read that Buffer is taking diversity head on, not just in the gender divide, but also incorporating people of colour into their company culture, and hopefully other diverse groups, too.