#amreading: Week One

Like most people, when 2015 began I decided I was going to read widely. Like most New Years resolutions, I was slow to start. Now that I’ve launched my blog, I give you a rundown of my favourite marketing, recruitment, and tips reads of the week.

"Speaking Up As A Woman Of Color At Work" by Ruchika Tulshyan Content Strategist and Writer

As a woman of colour, I definitely gravitated to this piece on the challenges and struggles women of colour face at the workplace. Highlighting how we grapple with stereotypes, and micro-aggressions from colleagues, although not new to me, it put these challenges into the spotlight. Despite all of this, the article ends on a good note. 

How to Make Freelancers Part of Your Culture via Hubspot 

An interesting read as a freelancer, the article talks about incorporating freelancers in your culture in interesting ways, including eventually hiring them. I think it’s a great read for freelancers looking to get in with a reputable company they already freelance with. 

How to Hide Your House From Google Street View via Lifehacker

With more information made widely available from Google Maps, comes with it, increased concerns about security and safety. Though a commentator rightfully argues that your house address is visible to any neighbour, and really anyone who walks by it, it is understandable why someone might not want their address in plain view for all to see. This is a great step by step post on how to hide your address on google street view. 

Infographic: The History of Email via Demac Media 

This was a fun look at the history of email, which is older than one might think! Giving a brief background, and a colourful infographic, it was interesting to see how much email has changed since 1971. 

“You Need editors, Not Brand Managers”.: Marketing Legend Seth Godin on the Future of Branded Content via Contently 

This is one of the most interesting interviews I’ve read in awhile. Rather than spoiling it for you, I implore you to read it. Godin seems resistant to the “industrializing” of content that seems to be the strategy du jour in content marketing which has some interesting consequences, including the heightened focus on measurement and revenue. 

How to Brainstorm and Write an Epic Blog Post in 4 Simple Steps via Buffer 

I’m a pretty big Buffer fan girl, so best to keep this brief lest I come off as biased. As usual, Buffer delivers in terms of offering a succinct and most importantly, helpful tips blog on blog brainstorming and creation. 

Did you read anything good this week? Let me know in the comments!